About Our Chapter
Updated on 30 April 2011

V. Karazin Kharkiv National University (KhNU) OSA Student Chapter was founded in December 2005 by eight graduate and PhD students of the School of Radiophysics at KNU. Students of KNU and other Kharkiv universities interested in the fields of electromagnetics and photonics are encouraged to join our Chapter.

Membership in KNU OSA Student Chapter provides excellent opportunities for students to meet people with similar interests, to expand their knowledge of optics and related disciplines, to improve leadership skills, to organize and participate in various entertaining activities, as well as the opportunity to make an impact in the local educational community and to receive international recognition for their activities and community services.

  • Chapter President for 2011: Olga Zherobkina(Dept of Theor Radiophys, KhNU)
  • Chapter Vice-President for 2011:Yana Volvach (Department of Applied Electrodynamics, KNU)
  • All Chapter Members
  • Faculty Adviser:Dr. Svetlana V. Boriskina (Dept of Theor Radiophys)
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